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Cooling System Repair in Sycamore, IL

Benefits of Cooling System Repair

The function of the cooling system of your vehicle is to ensure that the amount of heat in the engine is controlled. It performs this function through the collective operations of the radiator, heater valve, thermostat, heater core, water pump, cooling fan and other parts.

The cooling system works by ensuring that the temperature in the engine is kept within recommended limits. Whenever the heat builds up within the engine, the thermostat expands to release an antifreeze into the radiator which then absorbs the excess heat. In addition, this also prevents the fluids within the engine from freezing or boiling. The antifreeze circulates within the engine and the excess heat absorbed is then released through the walls of the radiator. The antifreeze cycles back and the cooling fan cools it until it is ready to be released again when the engine heats up. The cycle is a continuous one and should not be interrupted if the vehicle is to maintain its normal functioning.

Advantages of Cooling System Repair

With continuous use, the antifreeze in your vehicle gets degraded and becomes less efficient over time, thereby necessitating a change. If the old antifreeze is left in your car without draining it out, it can corrode the insides of your engine and this would cause further complications. If there is a malfunction in the cooling fan, it will result in overheating the engine. Our team of experts is trained to remove and replace old antifreeze and also inspect the cooling fan for damages. The radiator is another component that is usually subjected to scrutiny because any damage to it will result in poor cooling of the antifreeze and may cause complete engine failure. We will carry out a radiator pressure check to locate damages to the radiator hose and replace them immediately.

By carrying out a regular inspection and maintenance of your cooling system you would prevent having to carry out expensive engine repairs or replacement. Contact us today and we would be glad to give you our recommendations.

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