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Differential Repair in Sycamore, IL

What are the benefits of Differential Repair?

The term “differential” when used in reference to your vehicle, describes the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. It ensures that your vehicle remains stable as you navigate turns by compensating for any change that may arise in wheel speed.

How does the differential work?

Usually, when you are about to make a turn while driving, the outside wheel turns faster than the inside wheel in order to maintain the same pace. It would be so easy to lose control if there was no differential and this would result in the vehicle bumping along the road in a very unstable manner.

The differential used will depend on the type of vehicle; for instance, a four-wheel drive has a differential in the front and the back, while a front wheel drive has its differential located between the front wheels. This is called the transaxle because it combines two functions- the transmission and the front axle. For a rear wheel drive, the differential is in the back while an all-wheel-drive vehicle will have the differential located between both the rear and front wheels. Additionally, all-wheel vehicles have a transfer case between the front and rear wheels that adjusts for speed changes.

The importance of a functioning differential cannot be overemphasized, seeing as it performs the primary role of transmitting and controlling power between the engine and the wheels.

What are the benefits of carrying out differential repair?

All vehicle types experience wear and tear of the differential, thereby necessitating a repair. However, the maintenance required for differentials differs depending on the vehicle type, usage and the kind of terrain you drive on. Vehicles that are used on unpaved roads, gravel or dirt roads will experience a higher degree of differential wear and tear than those that are used on well-paved roads. Therefore, when you have to schedule a differential repair service, it is important that you take these factors into consideration.

In addition, you should also pay close attention to your vehicle and watch out for any signs of trouble. While changing the differential fluid regularly will help maintain the health of your vehicle, you would be doing yourself a great service if you also visited a professional regularly. For instance, if you observe some kind of noise coming from your vehicle, it may just be an indication of some problems with the differential. It could be due to wear and tear of the gear and bearings or it could be due to insufficient lubrication. However, you would only be sure that you have the right diagnosis when you use a professional service like us.

Contact us at the first sign of trouble and we would be glad to allay your fears, make the right diagnosis and provide a solution for you.

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