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Transmission Repair in Sycamore, IL

What is the importance of Transmission Repair?

All types of vehicles have the transmission which serves as a link between the wheels and the engine of your vehicle. It ensures that there is a balance between the functioning of the engine and the speed of the vehicle, and this determines the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

How does the transmission work?

The engine of a vehicle runs at high rotational speeds and this is why the transmission is needed, to reduce the output speed of the engine. As the speed of the engine changes, the transmission determines the amount of torque that gets to the wheels through the differential and driveshaft. The transmission has a lot of moving and rubbing parts that may get rusty over time if not properly lubricated, and this is the function of the transmission fluid. Its function usually includes cooling and protecting the transmission from rust and corrosion, although this function may vary depending on the kind of transmission.

For an automatic transmission, the transmission fluid provides the pressure and force while the clutches and gear shifts provide these in a manual transmission.

Advantages of transmission repair

Regular maintenance and inspection of the transmission of your vehicle will ensure that you do not have problems with your vehicle’s efficiency. Some conditions of use can negatively affect the life of your transmission and this includes excessive loading, bad driving habits and not knowing the signs to look out for. Some of the signs that indicate that you need to do something about your transmission include vehicle bucking and hesitation while driving, difficulty shifting, grinding gears, excessive noise and slipping out of gear. A dragging clutch may also be an indication of transmission problems in a manual car. It is possible for the transmission to overheat and the transmission fluid starts burning; this will be indicated by a burning smell entering through the vents. If you notice any of this signs, it is high time you scheduled a transmission service with a professional.

We have a well-trained team of experts that are always on hand to help you diagnose and fix all transmission issues. Contact us today about transmission repair and you will be glad you did.

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